Universal Freedom Wiki

Art - Tale

Painting - Arnold bocklin, Carl Spitzweg, Shibata Zeshin, Theodor kittelsen, Other

Film & Animation - George melies, Notable cartoon characters, Stickman

Music - Bull of heaven, Recommended classical music

Computers - 3D, Algorithm, ASCII, Binary, Boolean logic, Cellular automaton, Color, File, Font, Fractal, HTML, Internet, Internet culture, Plain text & Markup, Pixel, Steganography

Programming - Brainless, C, Esolang, Lisp, Prog. language, Recursion and iteration, Turing machine

Animals & creatures - Beaver, Bird, Bee, Bug, Cat, Capybara, Dog, Deer, Dust Bath, Ears, Rabbit, Swan, Whiskers

Food - Bread, Cereal, Cooking, Fruit, Gardening, Tea, Thermos, Vegetable, Water filtration

Logic & Knowledge - Encyclopedia, Math, Number, Numeral system

Science - Chemistry, Unit of measurement

Philosophy & Religion - Buddhism, Christianity, Islam

Games - Chess, Go, L, MicroTD, Mind game, Snakes & ladders

Other - Fire, License, Magic, Rock, Standard, Slovakia, Snow, Soap