Internet Culture

Internet / tech culture is the shared intellectual mindscape of the internet. It began with hacker culture during the early era of computers. It was based around freely picking things apart and remixing others ideas. Hacker culture was very technologically oriented as a lot of what it became was imposed by hardware limitations. Internet culture later became less tech-adjacent as the technology became more broadly available and artists and regular people were able to share their work.



A smiley face or emoticon is a simple expression sent through the internet, either in the form of text that resembles a face, a graphic, or a unicode character that represents an emoticon. In their early days, most text smileys had a dash in them as the distinction of them being an expression would not be obvious without them, the dash ceased to be used as they became more prominent.

Popular smiley faces: :), :D, xD, :(, :O, :^), :O)

Grid with 100 15x15 smileys


A webpin is a basic image link 88x31 in size.

UFWiki webpin:

Lands of Games webpin: