Mind Game

Mind game is a game that can be played using only the mind or pen and paper.


Think of an object and have the other person ask you yes/no questions, trying to determine what is the object. An advanced variant of this has one come up with an entire situation/riddle the other person has to solve. Famous example: There is a man laying dead in the desert. He is surrounded a pile of clothes and holding a single matchstick. What happened? Solution: The man was a part of a tourist group in a large air balloon. Bad wind conditions, the balloon was going to hit a mountain. They threw out all their clothes, and when that did not make the ballon light enough, they decided someone has to jump out. The man pulled out the shortest matchstick.


Think of the name of a film, game, song, program - eg. A Trip to the Moon (film). Reverse the meaning of each word. Use a little creativity to change the words if necessary - eg. Mellowing of the Sun. Present the reversed name to your friends or online and have them try to guess the original title. You can do this with films, programs, songs, albums, and other stuff, just note the type.