"For this end I have come into the world, that I may put away all blood offerings and the eating of the flesh of the beasts and the birds that are slain by men."

"God gives the grains and the fruits of the earth for food: and for righteous man truly there is no other lawful sustenance for the body."

"Whoso eats the flesh of slain beasts, eats the body of death."


"It can be compared to a mustard seed. Though it's the smallest of all the seeds, when it falls on tilled soil it makes a plant so large that it shelters the birds of heaven."

"Be on your guard so that no one deceives you by saying 'Look over here' or 'Look over there'. For the Child of Humanity exists within you. Follow it. Those who search for it will find it."


"You are my disciples, if you have love to one another and show mercy and love to all the creatures of God, especially to those that are weak and oppressed and suffer wrong. For the whole earth is filled with dark places of cruelty, and with pain and sorrow, by the selfishness and ignorance of man."

"Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth."

"When two make peace with each other in this one house, they will say to the mountain, ‘Move!’ and it will move."

"Yes, I am with you always, until the very end of time."


"After my departure there will arise the ignorant and the crafty, and many things will they ascribe to me that I never spake, and many things which I did speak will they withhold, but the day will come when the clouds shall be rolled away, and the Sun of Righteousness shall shine forth with healing in his wings."