Chess is a board game for two players. It is played on an 8x8 grid. The goal of the game is move pieces in turns to capture the opponent's king piece - to get it into a position where it is endangered and cannot move. This is done by capturing the other pieces and cornering the king.

The game uses 7 different pieces. If a piece lands on the position of an opponent's piece, opponent's piece is captured and doesn't come back. They each move in a different pattern. They cannot go 'through' each other's positions, only capture.

There are many modifications and extended versions of chess, generally called fairy chess. Chess960 is a modification of chess which randomizes the setup of the game with 960 possibilities. It was designed so that players could not get good at the game through sheer memorization. The setup of one side is randomly arranged with the two rules: the bishops must each be on a differently color tile, and the king must be between the rooks. The opposite side is mirrored.