Bull of Heaven

Bull of Heaven was a musical band consisting of two members - Clayton Counts and Neil Keener - that created over 450 experimental pieces in the span of 2006-2016. The band is notorious for having released pieces that last days, months, and years, and for releasing pieces that conceptually play with the idea of music. They have used a variety of experimental techniques such as prepared piano, randomly generated music, and throat singing; and span esoteric genres such as drone, noise, field recordings, but also contemporary ones such as metal, IDM, and prog rock. Their music encompasses themes of mystique, spirituality, humanity, religion and death. They often use spoken word recordings of conspiracy theory speeches. All of their main releases are numbered. Almost all pieces longer than 3 hours has an excerpt, typically an hour in length.

Examples of experimentation:

Official website, Archive

Photo of band (the gorilla is a member)

Covers: 016, 057, 076, 118, 138, 330

Excerpt of 028: Even to the Edge of Doom

205: Of What Far Sea, Upon What Unknown Ground