Cats are small mammals. They are the most popular domesticated mammal to keep among dogs and fish. They are skilled climbers and love hiding in safe spaces. There are many breeds with distinct features and colors. Colors: ginger, gray, tabby (striped with distinct M-shaped mark on forehead).

Cats are immensely silly. Videos of cats are popular on the internet for how silly they are :-).

Unique traits


Small sample list, there are many uncommon and varied breeds.

Name Origin/Occurence Distinction
Abyssinian Ethiopia Coat mixes shades to form coherent color
American Bobtail America Shorter "bobbed" tail
Kurilian Bobtail Russia Shorter "bobbed" tail
Bengal Russia
Lykoi America "Werewolf cat", very distinct features
Manx Isle of Man Very short/no tail, elongated hind legs
Egyptian Mau Egypt Short hair, grey, exotic-looking spots
Maine Coon America large, dense fur
Munchkin America Very short legs
Ragdoll America Colorpoint fur
Russian Blue Russia Grey fur
Siamese Asia, Thailand Famous
Snowshoe America Colorpoint fur
Sphynx Canada Hairless

Photos of specific breed: British Shorthair, Russian Blue

Photos of activity: Side view of cat walking, Cat licking its paw, Peeking out of hole in ceiling, Visible whiskers, Paw, Mouth of yawning cat, Eyes of different colors, a rare occurence in cats, Amused at another photo of itself on a pillow, Day old kitten

Drawing of tabby cat

Edited picture of cat in space

Sound of cat purring

Videos: Meowing, Laying

Dog, Whiskers

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