The Classics

Title Developer Description Screenshot Download
OFF Mortis Ghost You are the batter, set to purify a set of strange mystical landscapes. Although the gameplay is average, this game has one of the best stories I have ever seen, and the atmosphere and soundtrack are superb. Link
Space Funeral thecatamites You set on a quest through the bloody lands to make them fixed again. Link
Barkley: Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden Tales of Game's In the future where basketball is outlawed, Barkley sets to fight the evil forces responsible for doing so, going on a massive JRPG parody quest.. Link
Ib kouri You go into a museum of a strange artist, only to discover there might be more mystery and horror to the paintings than you thought. Link

Hidden Gems

Title Developer Description Screenshot Download
February A team of people at GloriousTrainwrecks A team of shitposters set out to create a tiny rpgmaker games, each following a different theme pear each day of february. This is those games, compiled into a massive project, complete with a hubworld and side quests. Link
Sluggish Morss: A Delicate Time in History Jack Spinoza Billions of years in the future, in an age that is so advanced it is practically incomprehensible to the current mind, a girl sets on a quest of discovery and understanding (probably). Link
BIN: The Rise of Binman ??? Go through a load of random unique fights, minigames and moments of pure chance while a story about the FBI hunting your dickpics unfolds. Link
Treasure Hunt in My Strange World Lil' Green Slimecat Solve puzzles and progress through the mind of one strange russian creative. Link (External)
The Jingol The Jingol Gomochichenes meateth the greast call of SOUL. He embrakende soul crush methic. The original itch.io version of this game is broken and missing sound files, my version is fixed. There is also a side B, but it is not as good. Link
Tomb of Friends Zizou You set out to form the biggest conga line imaginable by taking as many weirdos as your friends as possible. Absurdist and hilarious. Link
Friend Complex Scary Lemon Inspired by tomb of friends. A strange hooded creature embarks in a small motel to find as many weirdos to befriend as she can. Link
Tomb of Friends 2 Dead Demo Zizou A sequel to the original tomb game with a much different take, full of quirky humor and genuinely awesome sidequests, puzzles and minigames. Link (External)
Junko P. Yoshi A mix of dreamy, yume-nikki like exploration and metroidvania set in a suburban setting. Link
Squirmunity: Ballad of the Prankmonger Penis Interactive You explore a nonsensical landscape landscape full of shapes, weird characters, randomass jokes, and whatever else the dev could think of. Link (External)
Bat Castle im9today blosser beefmaster and mona lisa go on a schizo quest of understanidng Link
Think Outside the Box Pokemaniac Go through point'n'click esque puzzles in the role of a small box. Thinking outside the box is rewarded and every puzzle has a dozen different solutions. Link || Walkthrough
Miserere SnowOwl You are stuck in an orbiting space station and your only escape is your dream world. Link
Rust and Blood SnowOwl Trying to desperately find the tree of eden to cure your soon-deadly cancer, you are transported to a hellish landscape. Get by through the horror and survive. Link
Underground ??? A seemingly lost, somewhat mysterious game that was so broken on release, someone else had to patch it up to make it playable. Navigate through a confusingly layed out dance floor, fighting enemies. I am not even sure if this one is finishable. Link


Title Developer Description Screenshot Download
Super Mario Death Row 2: Shroomshank Redemption Punkitt Mario is sent to death row by nintendo. Can he escape? This zip contains both the first and second game Link
Duke Nuke's Quest KirbyStoleMyHat Duke Nuke cannot find the toilet as the one in his house is broken. In his desperation, he sets on a mystical magical quest to find it. This game is fully voice acted by a bunch of 16-year-olds. Link
Yoshi Goes to Tesco Frogge Yoshi goes to buy some groceries at tesco, however after he is found by the tax police, things quickly take a turn for the worse. Link
Gigachad's Quest for Porno Alex~ An extremely short venture of gigachad. Link (External)