A page for all the things that didn't fit into any other category.


Year Title Description Thumbnail
2023-24 Good Shockwave Games A list of the few gems in shockwave games. Good Shockwave Games
2022 Recommended RPG Maker Games A chart with some nice RPG Maker games. Older version 1 Older version 2 Recommended RPG MAKER Games
2022 Animated Films Iceberg How deep do you delve? Blank background version. Animated films iceberg
2021 Obscenitycore A chart of cheap and obscene movie I LOVE. Obscenitycore
2019/2020 Great Flash Games A chart I made in light of ceasing support for flash. It showcases all the classics and hidden gems of the flash games era. Original version Great Flash Games

School projects

Year Title Description Thumbnail
2022 School animations Animation tests I made when studying animation. Chase ; Surprise in the forest School animations
2018/2020 George's Day / Jurajův den A two-minute czech comedy short I made as a school project. Understanding czech not needed, just know that the text at the end says "homework" and that I say "oh shit". Big thanks to my mate Martin for being the cameraman. George's Day


Year Title Description Thumbnail
2022 Banners Links brought back from the old lands of games and also some new ones. If you wish to let the world know of my genius you can use these inmages: banner 1 ; banner 2; banner 3; banner 4 Banners
2019 Hotline Miami 2 Level Pack Custom levels for Hotline Miami 2 made using the level editor. Hotline Miami 2 Level Pack

Everything in the "Other" and "School project" section except HM2 levels and the "George's Day" short is under CC0.