Hotline Miami Levels



During a period from January to March of 2019, I have created several custom levels for the Hotline Miami 2 video game as a fun little project. There are 14 in total, all using different characters, level design and assets. Few of them got quite a few hits and some even made it to the front page of the hotline miami steam workshop page!

All the levels are downloadable on my steam workshop page (link below). If you want to edit the levels or play them with different characters, you can also download all the levels bundled in a single .zip file. You have to put them in the correct folder- My Documents/My Games/HotlineMiami2/Levels/single.

Steam link
Zip file

Bonus Goodies

You can also download a bonus pack of older level prototypes and some unreleased/meme content.

Zip file

Another bonus- sketches of the "Oddjob" level: