Title Developer Description Tags Screenshot Download
Broken Dimensions Team Twisted You become trapped in a mysterious complex of rooms, guided by a ghost lady. 3D Link
Handshake Pet Pumpkin Figure out the best way to make two mates handshake, weaving their arms through obstacles. itch-io Link
Stick to the Plan [Demo] Dead Pixel Tales A lovely relaxing venture of helping a dog get to the end of the trail with his beloved stick. demo, itch-io Link
The Black Hand Gang Ross Kevin Moffat (AKA Mandle) A passion-project remake of an old out-of-print riddle book. Help the Black Hand Gang solve several dozen riddles in four different criminal cases. ags Link
Big Band, Big Troubles David Place the bands in the correct spots so that they have no conflicts and play out each concert fully. This game is quite easy, but neat. itch-io Link
The Cat and the Coup Peter Brinson, Kurosh ValaNejad, and many others Go through the sad story of a politician's life through the eyes of his cat. itch-io Link
Karoshi Factory Jesse Venbrux + Jake Almond Another iteration of Karoshi with a new twist, you control multiple businessmen and have to make them all die. This one is almost exclusively focused on standard puzzles rather than out-of-the-box thinking. - Link
Karoshi 2 Jesse Venbrux The sequel to Karoshi, featuring even more crazy puzzles, and a level editor. - Link
Karoshi: Suicide Salaryman Jesse Venbrux Figure out the proper way to kill yourself each level, sometimes using very out-of-the-box and esoteric thought processes. - Link
Tripline Joakim Sandberg Connect three of each object. Extremely simple game. - Link
What Linus Bruckman Sees When His Eyes Are Closed Xii Games Controlling two characters at once, both from a completely different setting, you have to solve both of their problems simultaneously. To unlock subtitles for the top half, you must first solve the bottom half. Warning: This game gets quite dark. ags Link
Trizzle Stasma Use a platform-creating gun to get over obstacles. 3D Link
Kagehashi ??? A game where you control a kitten that can become a shadow. This game is EXTREMELY short. 3D, short Link
Gokoban dars Sokoban in 3D, using the mascot of the 'Go' programming language. itch-io, 3D, FOSS Link
Fish Fillets Altar Interactive Two fish discover the secrets of the UFOs, Bermuda Triangle, and other sea mysteries while conversing casually. FOSS, best-of, long, difficult Link
Čtyři krávy (Four Cows) banane4joy Four dumb girls from different parts of the world get transformed into beauties and teleported into some kind of factory. They have to get out, each using her unique abilities. best-of, long, difficult Link My Saves