Experimental games that have a crudeness to their design, yet are filled with great ideas and personality. These games only represent a small sample of each developer's work.

Kimberly Kubus

Title Description Screenshot Download
Flower gunner engage in a mihty 3D fps battle against the evil zongos Link
Cooking Breakfast 2 the greatest adventure in the history of ganig Link
Adventures of Khayk grand exploration stroll through the lands... avoid the enemies Link
Armageddon Blazers blaze your way with the magical spinin car.. this game is imposible Link
Camel Breeder raise your own camel to be able to fighta the enemies.. and buy it some clothes Link
The God of Piss piss away Link
Joystick Killer get the high score Link
Ooga Booga get the high score Link
Simsala Bimbo you have acquired the new bimbO fetish and go on the bimbo HUNT Link
Nazi Fish Meets The Toilet Monster & The Hard Tasks Of Life nazi master fish enters the sad states... Link
Nowhere solve puzzles in nowhere Link
Gravedigger Zoe help gravedigger zoe carry out some gravediggin and avoid the enemies Link
Xmas in Space go thorugh round and round defeating xonia enemiEs Link


Title Description Screenshot Download
Domestic Dreams and Robots a series of specialle minigames Link
Cynical Software a collection of ten mamagical minigames Link
Danger Sprout a journey guy.. atmospheric n drawn in vector graphics Link
Pasta Master defend ur spageti Link
Revenge of the Sunfish the sufnish attack.. id ont even know. this game is legendary Link

Jake Clover

Title Description Screenshot Download
Farm World 2 the game nonminated for 'greatest pixxels' at speedos game awards... Link
Molly and the Gunmids a grand massive space quest of the space astronaut spider.. this game is 1.5 hours long Link
Gradient Addiction explore a massive town full of secrets.. bring your secret stash of breakcroe mousic Link
Platypus goes for a drive choose from plethora of cars and reach the end of the special journey Link
dinosaur hunter dino huntea... this story is a sobber... i cry Link
Gregory the simple journeys of gregory, lover of cofe Link
the missing pharaoh the pharaoh is gone.. i think Link
BEAR SURFIN MEGA WAVE ride the mEGA WAVE as bear.. this is one of the BEST things i have EVER played Link
the last hamburger delicioussa boger Link


Title Description Screenshot Download
LOSER HUNT 3 DESTROY the nonsmoker Link
Orange Zone enter den ZONE orang Link
Zimmy Sa Nimmy zimmy embarks with his special invention propeller to jump through the world and maybe get some beers in a end. this game has full endorsement for and from Blue Dragon Freeware, i am proud to host it!!! Link
Interesting Box 2 try to get as far as you can with your magical HAT. Link
Kill All Doctors d destroy them evil doctors so they do not keep the patients alive hahahaHA Link
Nose Milker 2 colect the proper amount of SNOT. this game is impossible Link
Steel Bat go around with steel beat beat the levels.. and be careful muhehehe Link


Title Description Screenshot Download
Pure Black 3D You lost your keys in a dark room during the night, and you have extremely poor night vision. Find the key and then find the exit. 20 Levels. Link
Small World of Fear a stramge úôace-.. collect orbs for score Link
Sad Fate the nightmare dimension Link
Mutated Carrot Battlegrounds A good pack of 5 minigames. What the fuck is this? Reminder to change name of the game Link
Bastards Fall Into the Void A classic arcade game. Bastards are falling down the void, but don't let them pass though Link


Title Description Screenshot Download
Raha: Business of the Raha learn the true ways of collecting big cash RAHA money Link
Flute of the Sand you awaken on a dark beach and don't know what to do Link
A True Western Romance remember the ole days... *sipsy whisky* Link

Kanoguti Soft

Title Description Screenshot Download
The Underground Explorer an experience that simulates browsing the net.. dozens of amazing pages with music and even minigames!! Link
Dance + Layer another webcam game where the footage gets messaed up in really cool ways Link
Walking walk down an endless passageway Link
For the Camera a funny webcam toy. record yourself then it plays kickass music Link


Title Description Screenshot Download
Mrdeček engage with maximum penetration Link
Sexy hiking advance the mountain using your aextereme hammer skills Link
Crucifiction nail those bastards Link
Boobsa sports advance in extreme boob league Link


Title Description Screenshot Download
Keyboard Drumset Fucking Werewolf the musical adventure Link
Cactus Arcade II the sceconardy collection, masterful games await!! Link
Cactus Arcade I a colection of games by this master Link

Marek Kapolka

Title Description Screenshot Download
Stomp Plonk explore a magical musical landscape while playing your banjo Link
Zine explore a city of nerds, all engaged in the latest dungeon GAME Link


Title Description Screenshot Download
Bonkey Trek take your bonkey all the way through the desrrt... watch bout be careful. Link (Android)
GameDog playwarious games in the new hot n fresh console GAMEDOB Link (Android)

Dany Burton

Title Description Screenshot Download
Vobbangora gorad dortsars ultimate bango SHMUP Link
Saltbug adventuers of ze daltsug Link
Cogra cogra needs to go... travel Link


All of these games are only available in czech (besides the first znk game's android port).

Title Description Screenshot Download
Vrah [Unfinished] a text adventure where you play as a serial killer. kill and defile as many people as you can. this game has particularly graphic descriptions of the killings and nonsensical dialogue. i considered this game lost, but it has been found! Link
Drogáč [Unfinished] you play as a drug dealer and make the best deals you can, building yourself up the drug ladder Link
Život není krásný The start of a legendary czech game series, in which the main character goes around murdering people. these games brought a lot of unique things up for adventure games and were planned as a 14-part series, the last part of which would have a big reveal. in this one, the main character was fired by his boss and his ex girl left him for the boss, so you decide to go into your boss's house and massacre them both. the translation of the series's title means 'life is not beautiful' Link(PC) Link(Android)
Život není krásný 2: Dwa the second part and the beginning of the idea of a ful l4-part series. in this one, you owe a gang leader drug money, and have a single day to get it all. Link
Život není krásný 3: Doktořina krutá dřina this iteration is even more brutal than the two previous. you need to retrieve black market diamonds from the stomach of your deceased friend in a hospital. Link
Život není krásný 4: Back to the Days this game brought in unique RPG elements. you have to get the town rid of a gang that came in out of nowhere and started terrorizing it large-scale. Link
Život není krásný 5: Četnické humoresky you play a policeman in this one, who has to solve a case of two murders, particularly ones the main character did in ZNK2. the crux being, he did them completely randomly. this game has MASSIVE problems running on modern systems, but usually functions on win XP. Link
Život není krásný 666: Flaška the largest and nastiest of all ZNK games, outdoing the length and brutality of the others by an order of magnitude. you play as Jarda Klečař, a drunkard, who, in a total alcoholic stupor, bets his brother a bottle of rum that he can kill 6 people in 6 days. the following days consist of his insane stumblings as each day, a strange force hints at his next victim. largely considered the best ZNK game. Link
Život není krásný 7: Útěk z věznice Georgetown this one is my personal favorite. you awaken to the realisation that you are kneeling above a murdered prostitute. before you can realise what is happening, you are caught by police and imprisoned. the game consists of three days of trying to escape, befriending certain prisoners and trying to survive in the showers. this series gets constantly more and more detailed and hilarious with its descriptions, going on random tangents about the random things the main character did for every single thing you click, and it especially shows here. Link
Život není krásný 8 Demo an unfinished demo of the eight game, which takes place over the span of a whole year, and has the main character as a dealer, growing greens and dealing whatever. Link


Title Description Screenshot Download
Dovelight Crusaders Three masters including DONTREL DOLPHIN join together to save the universe Link
Laralady Adventure 50 levels of magical lara lady treasure collecting ACTION Link


Title Description Screenshot Download
BOOBA GAME click the booba, obtain secrets to life Link
Clown Party 2 the clowns come at you in a rapid pace.. survive this bitc Link


Title Developer Description Screenshot Download
SOUP ??? An experimental walking-sim experience.. same room, but many feelings Link
Blázinec Advencture Jardasoft an HTML-based point n click where you step into a madhouse in the role of Frank Dick Md., the only man in the world qualified to find their precious water bubble. Link
Drtič hlav Polda98 destroy the heads and face the brick boss 1 2 3 4
Cran Mabbit [Unfinished] Ben Wheele engage in simple head visuals &&&& pleasures Link
Painted Tomb Arthouse Games ???????.......______????????? Link
Pea Adventure [Unfinished] BIZZARE VOODOO MEDIA pea settles on the crusade of his life Link
Bee Runner 3000 Heatblayze get away from those bastards Link
Goblet Grotto thecatamites Go on a massive large-scale RPG adventure, collecting goblets and learning the secrets of LORE Link
Johnny -37 [Unfinished] J.E.A. another johnny fan adenture Link
Neandrtálec Bruno / Bruno the Neanderthal Pawel Straka (Pawlis) a claymation adventure.. CAVeman drunkard must secrute the food. i have developed a full translation of this game... BDF exclusive Link (CZ original) Link (CZ fixed audio) Link (ENG)
The Hairy Chestival Game Phil Hassey shave le chess.. masterpiece Link
Sněhurka / Snowwhite ??? go on an advventure through the world to find the magical drink.. made by an 11 year old girl Link
100 everythingstaken you have to play this to bvelieve it Link