I started keeping a list of projects- this list! It contains every project of mine that is ongoing or finished since the start of 2019, the projects on top are the most current and ongoing ones.

Ongoing Projects

Title Code Name Description Screenshot Page
Teh big HORN [TBH] New game. What is it? Noone knows! None yet! None
The AEIOU Keyboard Model [KBD] New keyboard idea?? None yet! None yet?
The Noise Conundrum [TNC] No description. Visit
This website! [WWW] Of course, one of the main projects is keeping this website updated with everything and not staying lazy. Wish me luck on that lol Visit

Finished Projects

Title Code Name Description Screenshot Page
Hotline Miami 2 Levels [HM2] During a period from January to March of 2019, I have created several levels for the Hotline Miami 2 video game as a fun little project. There are 14 in total, all using different characters, level design and assets. Few of them got quite a few hits and some even made it to the front page of the hotline miami steam workshop page! Visit