Here's a page for all the junk that didn't fit into any other category!

Year Title Description Thumbnail
2020 Six and a Half Husbands (Game Translation) 6 and a Half Husbands is a perverse but kind-hearted freeware czech adventure game from 2007. Since the dialogue in it is editable, I translated the whole thing into english. If you like humorous point'n'clicks, this one's for you brother. Click on the thumbnail or title to directly download the game complete with the translation. 6 and a Half Husbands
2019 Great Flash Games (Chart) A chart I made in light of ceasing support for flash. It showcases all the classics and hidden gems of the flash games era. Great Flash Games
2019 Hotline Miami 2 Level Pack Custom levels for Hotline Miami 2 made using the level editor. Hotline Miami 2 Level Pack