Welcome to the Desert

A collaborative album from the greatest of minds.

The Noise Conundrum

Various peculiar ambient and other musical pieces.

Lands of Games Muzik (Extra Krispy)

A project mostly comprised of random improvisation sessions with instruments and musical creation software. The result are many various tracks spanning from electronic beats to light ambient. I have produced two albums for this project- Hail the Garbage and Extreme Game Tunes.

Noise Eater

A project that was created as a result of teenage angst and frustration that I felt during my high school days. I finishe dcreating the first album within two days. The music mostly made up from extremely amplified recordings of various noises, screams, yells and more. I was trying to produce something that would genuinely express my emotions at the time. I produced three albums during this era- Computer Room, Human Decomposition and brutallymurderingaloli.