Here are some links to the websites that I find interesting for various reasons. If you think I would like your website, shoot me an email!

This is where it all started, the CLASSIC when it comes to weird tomfoolery and experimental games. I really dig the old "windows xp" vibe this website constantly radiates and it's full of cool non-game stuff aswell. Generally, this website is just a great gateway into weird art, especially thanks to the legendary SUNFISH FORUM.

A website created by the independent game designer Jonas Kyratzes and his wife. Together, through their website, they create incredibly delightful stories, tales, games and more, all set in the world of Lands of Dream.

A website created by the one and only- God aka Dany Burton. Hes currently onto some new shit, remaking the site and working on League of pisse 2.

Another friendo of mine, the grand game creator and sunfish KING, Durdge-o. His website has got games, a blog, a fun zone and more cool shit like that so check it baby.

Tasty Fish is a czech programmer guy that makes completely free art and programs. I like his approach in minimalism and the dedication he has to his beliefs.

SHITWANK RECORDS is an australian hardcore speedcore, shitcore and noisecore label.