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The newest and best games I have made! All of them are made in Game Maker 8 (the browser games being the exception).

Year Title Genre Description Screenshot Download
2019 (NEW!) Bubble Boy Platformer, Reflex Help Bubble Boy reach as high as he can! Link
2018 Dongers Mini: Harmonium Musical Another instrument from the Lands of Games world. This time, it is the Harmonium- a device resembling a piano that only plays the most calming and beautiful tunes! Link
2018 Honor: A Battle for Honor Fighting, Multiplayer, Reflex In the role of a highly trained kung-fu master, duke it out against your opponent or the (perfectly working and not broken no no) computer AI. Link
2018 Man Petting Nice Horse Joke Pet horse. Link
2017 Cigarette vs Popolník Multiplayer-Only, Reflex Take up the role of cigarette or popolník and fight against your friend to see who has the sharpest wit and reflexes. Link
2017 Daddy Other Collect the cookies and avoid the enemies. Link
2017 Deer Keeper Christmas, Other Keep the deer from running away. Link
2017 Dog VS. Spider Fighting, Halloween, Multiplayer Dog and spider fight to prove their strength. Who you will be playing and who will win is only up to you!! Link
2017 Dongers Musical An instrument from the world of Lands of Games. Play a song along and improvise! Link
2017 Face Picker Joke Find all the secrets of my face. Link
2017 Frozen Pizza Reflex Pick out the bad teeth and prove your skill at DENTISTRY. Link
2017 Fuck This Old Man Joke This old guy is a total asshole. Let's fuck him up. Link
2017 Fortune from the Magic Bush Browser, Joke The magic bush knows it all and he knows your fortune. He shall tell you. Link
2017 Gravebuddy Lars Halloween, Reflex Help gravebuddy lars survive the night for as long as he can. Link
2017 kool ??? ??? Link
2017 kool 2 ??? ??? Link
2017 Rob's Boss Fights 2 Platformer Robs sets out on his second adventure, fighting 10 more bosses. Link
2017 Rob's Boss Fights 2.5 Platformer A mini installment of the Rob's Boss Fights series, this time Rob sets out against three bosses and temporarily gains SPIRITUAL FLIGHT. Link
2017 Scaryman Halloween, Maze Find your way through the tight maze and watch out for the spooky scaryman. Link
2017 Stinky Dinky Reflex Collect all the stink and try to stay alive as long as you can. Link
2016 Billy vs. Mexico Reflex Fight off screen after screen of DEADLY TACOS. Link
2016 Cake Reflex Feed the monster cake. Feed it or it gets angry. Link
2016 Cuddles Reflex Help the zombie bear collect points. Link
2016 Hit Em All Reflex Test your reflexes, avoid dangerous enemies, try to not get a seizure. Link
2016 Johnny 666 Platformer Join Johnny on his last adventure to traverse the land of KUBUS and find the his lost spirit. Link
2016 Peanut Butter Reflex Spread the bread with butter as well as you can, avoid monsters and collect points. Link
2016 Rob's Boss Fights Platformer Help Rob defeat 10 different bosses using different strategies and reflexes. Link
2016 Shower Genius Reflex Try to take a shower as you encounter and try to solve WILD THOUGHTS. Link
2016 uuuu ??? Collect cat soap. Link