During my life, I have made over 20 different short video games using various tools. Here, they are ordered from newest to oldest and separated into "eras".

Lands of Games Era

The current and most fruitful era. Games from this are focused on simple gameplay quirks and inspired by the classic game creator- Kimberly Kubus .

Angrycheese Era

My second period of creations, started during first years of high school when I got myself a blog. I posted monthly comics and started figuring out Game Maker. Some of these games were made as collaborations, especially with a game maker creator guy known as "kl-vb".

Packan Era

The first and original era of my creations. It started in 2009 (when I was around 11), creating my first games after realising how manageable Power Point was. I made around 5 different text "games", ALL of which are lost (unless someone I forgot about still has them).