Angrycheese Era

The era that started sometimes in 2012. I got my motivation back together and decided to work on a small blog with a comic character I made- Angrycheese. During this period, I also learned the basics of Game Maker 8 and I started working on games again. I made a small adventure game for a competition (- The Horrible House) and collabed with a game maker programmer nicknamed "kl-vb". Together (me making the main graphics and him programming, making backgrounds), we created Bouncy: Golden Treasure, probably the best game I worked on back then. I have not included games lost due to old servers and disc crashes.

Year Title Genre Description Screenshot Download
2013 Bouncy: Golden Treasure Platformer Help Bouncy find the lost treasure through 20+ unique levels, various enemies, a full-length soundtrack and even a boss fight! This game was originally made for the Devbookátor 2013 competition, made with the help of my friend, kl-vb. It achieved second place and we planned to develop it more and add two more areas, but it only ended up in this state. The game is still a great success and an awesome feat to play, so have fun! Link
2013 Hrůzný dům/The Horrible House Adventure Explore the inside of the Horrible House to find out what mysteries lay within and what really happened. Made for Week Game Challenge 4 in about 1 hour. Note: Only available in czech. Link