Title Developer Description Tags Screenshot Download
Super Glove Kid Flytrap Studios Glove boy and girl embark to save the kingdom with funky music and speedy levels. - Link
Toad Strikes Back Thunder Dragon A very elaborate and lengthy mario fangame, the bosses in particular are quite cool. - Link
Kiwi 64 Siactro A tiny platformerorming challenge. Collect all the useful items to defeat the big boulder man on the top of the mountain. 3D, short Link
Cathy's Holidays Sosáci Cathy is a spoiled rich brat to the liking of absolutely noone, and she thus goes through one hell of platformerorming challenges during the summer, when she is met with hostility at every possible vacation spot. flash, czech-only Link
I Wanna Be the Boshy Solgryn An extremely difficult, long precision platformerormer, where you traverse through worlds packed with video game references in the role of a small yellow triangle. best-of Link
Seiklus clysm A massive platformerorming adventure, traverse through many different lands trying to get back to your girlfriend. game-maker Link
Upbeat Yahtzee Croshaw Bounce around in the rhytm of the beat for as long as you can. itch-io Link
Normal Super Mario Bros. 3 gamester Another typical day in the Mushroom Kingdom. - Link
Normal Super Mario Bros. 2 gamester Go on another typical mario adventure. - Link
Normal Super Mario Bros. gamester Go on a normal quest with mario and beat normal levels as he is a normal guy. - Link
Cat Mario/Syobon Action Chiku A troll platformerormer based on the first four levels of Super Mario Bros. Tread carefully and you might just be able to predict where the next trap is! - Link
Zineth Arcane Kids A platformerormer focused on 'skating' mechanics, yet retaining on freedom in traversing. 3D Link