Year Title Genre Description Screenshot Download
2024 scorp vs bee arcade, multiplayer scorp vs bee eternal Link
2024 king of testicles arcade become the lord of balls Link
2023 find a cat: the game ??? CATS!!! :D Link
2023 use the arrow keys arcade have fun Link
2023 fuck mosquitoes 3 arcade the penultimate postapocalyptic mosquito challenge Link
2023 cheesed to meet you arcade, platformer another cheesy adventure Link
2023 pinch the nipple 5: don't touch the belly arcade tease the belly... but it will anger Link
2023 master_deflecter arcade become the king of deflecting Link
2023 waterbug arcade bounce.. the simple life of a waterbug Link
2023 tickle aphex twin's nose ???/arcade a life fulfiling quest Link
2023 field doug 2 arcade He is BACK for anouther round of baddies Link
2023 Out of Control arcade A lost spirit seeks... something in the void of lands of games. Link
2023 Hezky Česky 2 / Czech Troubles 2 point'n'click A downtrodden man sets on a quest to get bloody revenge on his old school teachers. English Czech
2023 bobi the bastard 2 ??? fuck you Link
2023 pinch the nipple 4: sex house brothel arcade masterful sex protion Link
2023 murdergoman arcade go get em killer Link
2023 fart attack arcade mastern de fardt Link
2023 bird watcher ??? enjoy... the calm serenity of... bir.d... Link Screensaver
2022 serial masturbator 4: eternal stroll arcade go on a walk in night.. and avoid your demons Link
2022 field doug arcade ride your bike and duke it out against high caliber bosses Link
2022 jumping spider arcade jumpa jup jup Link
2022 smuffker mingus arcade platformer another game of the excellelent eplipepsi genre. get to the end for good score. Link
2022 Legend of Babushka arcade babushka's life... babushkaэs quest Link
2022 dežo arcade colect the bera.. throw the mucha Link
2022 find depusi arcade pusi is lost... use yor manly sense Link
2022 hahaha arcade hahaha Link
2022 fuck mosquitoes 2 arcade these abhorrent pieces of trash deserve another smacking. deliver it to them. Link
2022 air quality fighters arcade make the air putrid stink supreme Link
2022 enjoym the suppremetal massage debreast arcade acid breast Link
2022 beautiful flower arcade flower flower floewr time Link
2022 putrid bits arcade survive this fucking eye diarrhea cunt Link
2022 milla the bastard arcade go on a poop-eating journey Link
2022 fuck chihuahuas arcade with this game i wanted to illustrate that chihuahuas are pieces of shit Link
2022 serial masturbator 3 arcade just another day. cant live without crac k.. Link
2022 serial masturbator 2 arcade another delve into despair. click on activities for points. Link
2022 Rob's Boss Fights: Five Little Fights arcade rob engages in another adventure!! battle beasts unknown five.. Link
Old Ver
2022 pinch the nipple 3: fart sniff arcade enjoy connoisseur., the highev mind orgasm Link
Old Ver
2022 my feet are drunk ??? enjoy... drunk feedt Link
2022 beach bastard arcade enjoy an exotic day on the beach, but be aware of fuckers.. Link
2022 serial masturbator arcade live with your decisions. jerk it out as the final and ultimate masturbater Link
2022 pinch the nipple 2: kiss my nimpus ??? euuugh booba Link
2022 Michael Stevenson's Guide to Surgery visual novel Michael Stevenson teaches you about the many ways of professional mutilation. trailer trailer2 scr1 scr2 scr3 Windows
2022 BALL KING 3D platformer master your destiny... and your ball Link
.gmk file
2022 idiot mocker ??? whos it the idiot?? Link
2022 PUNCH CORONA IN THE BALLS arcade do it Link
2022 midnight stars arcade A kind journey of collecting coins for your soul. Making of: Pic 1, Pic 2 Link
2022 mr. belly ??? euugh huugh huugh uguh Link
2022 window washing fluid drinker adventures ??? ehmkoamlyklcxmvoaospdpow Link
2022 bomba bastic arcade become the advanced skill speedshot Link
2022 bow down to me: the game: the journey ??? achieve all your life is worth Link
2022 the magnificent space turtle Musical feel the blow of space as the turtle sings to you. Link
2022 bounce master platformer use advanced techniques. beat many enemies. smoke car tires. Link
2021 purpleland platformer glombaba baglunga. it is a nice day today. i played some puzzle games and drew some bingos. i am with my family. i feel the energy of life. i also finished a game. it is a nice day today. Making-of pic Link
2021 clown party arcade another day another party Link
2021 flon arcade platformer flon Flon
2021 kokoblin arcade kokoblin goes on an adventure. electricity.. watch the adverts they re funny hahaha Link
2021 nose 2 arcade can u stink nose stinky? game is good. you are in this game nose. Link
2021 dr. dynamite arcade are u the good arbab?? if u get more than 4 pont, u good Link
2021 mouse master 2 arcade test your mouse skills... test your taste for cheese bits. Updated
2021 nose ??? a journey about nose Link
2021 funny game ??? a fartastic experience Link
2021 fuck mosquitoes arcade with this game, i wanted to illustrate how mosquitoes are pieces of shit. Link
2021 cooking cockroaches arcade roast all the cockroaches nice and proper! Link
2021 jumping lemmy arcade jumping lemmy loves to jump! and you can jump with him! Link
2021 Katana Blaster arcade/??? Blast all the enemies with your katana... and face "the encounters". Link
2021 Love Game platformer/??? I wish my friends all the best. There are 46 friends in total. How many can you find? Link
2021 Frozen Pizza 2 ??? make a pizza!! Link
2021 A Cat Enters a House joke a game full of funny jokes Link
2021 Sneaky Steve arcade steve?? is that your name? you are lost... Link
2021 FACE SMASHER arcade smash all the stupid idiots. get em. Link
2021 OOPSIE DAILY FUCKERS platformer this is the best fucking game on earth. pick out of 24 different characters on a wild adventure through many lands!!! Link
2021 spak béb's incredible ball challenge arcade are you enough of a mastar bastard to blast through spak's challenge? Link
2021 pet the balloon ???/multiplayer pet it you bastard Link
2021 ublatlalla ??? go ona wild ride, watch out for the neemies Link
2021 sphynx fighter arcade/multiplayer destroy your the opponent sphynx by shooting the bullets at him Link
2021 volleyball bastards arcade/multiplayer battle against the bastards in a game of good ol vollemball Link
2021 mouse master arcade collect cheese with mouse. or mouse with cheese? Link
2021 zenmaster ??? become the ultimate king of medication meditation Link
2021 bobi the bastard platformer follow bobi's journey for lego Link
2021 chinese dave 2 platformer/bullet hell chinese dave dares another adventure Link
2021 chinese dave arcade help chinese dave collect his welfare tickets and enjoy a nice rice Link
2021 adventures of marppa splarppa ??? help marppa splrarppa realise that the meaning of life is broccoli in healthy doses Link
2021 admire me ??? the most beautiful human being on earth graces you with his presence Link
2021 frozen man 2 arcade/platformer frollow the nnext frozen mab's adventures... this time, he ventures into the underworld!! Link
2021 safemaster arcade prove that u are a crackhead Link
2021 kool 3 ??? ??? Link
2021 jenitero horror escape from jenitero Link
2021 feelsgoodman arcade collect the delivery Link
2021 wiz platformer help a wiz find what he seeks Link
2021 QUIZ MASTER 3000 ??? solve the greatest riddles of al time Link
2021 slackmaster ??? prove how lazy u are Link
2021 stew in an igloo ??? help a guy have a meal in his igloo Link
2021 pinch the nipple ??? pinch the nipple Link
2021 frozen man Platformer frozen man goes on a magical transcendental platforming journey Link
2021 fucker bronco Arcade dont let the fucker escape Link
2021 iglallalalia Arcade help out a sucker Link
2021 Hezky Česky / Czech Troubles Adventure You drunkenly decide to murder a musician. Explore the small city and find a way to kill that bastard. English
Walkthrough Soundtrack
2020 Dress My Hand Other Dress up my hand with the various curiosities you are offered! Link
2020 Rob's Boss Fights: Three Mighty Men Arcade Rob has found himself in battle again! This time, he fights against the THREE MIGHTY MEN, legendary lands of games creatures. Link
2020 The Grand Master Totem Browser, Joke You have sinned. Ask the grand totem of what your punishment is. Link
2020/17 Las Moustachos Arcade A game made many many moons ago at random, lost several times, only to be released NOW. Don't let the moustache get away, grab all the stuff he throws! Link
2019 Bubble Boy Platformer, Arcade Help Bubble Boy reach as high as he can! Link
2018 Dongers Mini: Harmonium Musical Another instrument from the Lands of Games world. This time, it is the Harmonium- a device resembling a piano that only plays the most calming and beautiful tunes! Link
2018 Honor: A Battle for Honor Fighting, Multiplayer, Arcade In the role of a highly trained kung-fu master, duke it out against your opponent or the (perfectly working and not broken no no) computer AI. Link
2018 Man Petting Nice Horse Joke Pet horse. Link
2017 Cigarette vs Popolník Multiplayer-Only, Arcade Take up the role of cigarette or popolník and fight against your friend to see who has the sharpest wit and Arcadees. Link
2017 Daddy Other Collect the cookies and avoid the enemies. Link
2017 Deer Keeper Christmas, Other Keep the deer from running away. Link
2017 Dog VS. Spider Fighting, Halloween, Multiplayer Dog and spider fight to prove their strength. Who you will be playing and who will win is only up to you!! Link
2017 Dongers Musical An instrument from the world of Lands of Games. Play a song along and improvise! Link
2017 Face Picker Joke Find all the secrets of my face. Link
2017 Frozen Pizza Arcade Pick out the bad teeth and prove your skill at DENTISTRY. Link
2017 Fuck This Old Man Joke This old guy is a total asshole. Let's fuck him up. Link
2017 Fortune from the Magic Bush Browser, Joke The magic bush knows it all and he knows your fortune. He shall tell you. Link
2017 Gravebuddy Lars Halloween, Arcade Help gravebuddy lars survive the night for as long as he can. Link
2017 kool ??? ??? Link
2017 kool 2 ??? ??? Link
2017 Rob's Boss Fights 2 Platformer Robs sets out on his second adventure, fighting 10 more bosses. Link
2017 Rob's Boss Fights 2.5 Platformer A mini installment of the Rob's Boss Fights series, this time Rob sets out against three bosses and temporarily gains SPIRITUAL FLIGHT. Link
2017 Scaryman Halloween, Maze Find your way through the tight maze and watch out for the spooky scaryman. Link
2017 Stinky Dinky Arcade Collect all the stink and try to stay alive as long as you can. Link
2016 Unnormal School Day (Text Edition) text adventure A demake of my first ever game, only text and ASCII, minimalist, written in C. Licensed as CC0, do whatever you want. Compiled using TCC, might break on other compilers. Warning: My programming is bad and you will get diarrhea. - Link | Source
2016 Unnormal School Day 2 (Text Edition) text adventure A demake of the second Unnormal School Game - it is unfinished. CC0, compiled using TCC. - Link | Source
2016 Cake Arcade Feed the monster cake. Feed it or it gets angry. Link
2016 Cuddles Arcade Help the zombie bear collect points. Link
2016 Hit Em All Arcade Test your Arcadees, avoid dangerous enemies, try to not get a seizure. Link
2016 Peanut Butter Arcade Spread the bread with butter as well as you can, avoid monsters and collect points. Link
2016 Rob's Boss Fights Platformer Help Rob defeat 10 different bosses using different strategies and Arcadees. Link
2016 Shower Genius Arcade Try to take a shower as you encounter and try to solve WILD THOUGHTS. Link
2016 uuuu ??? Collect cat soap. Link
2016 Billy vs. Mexico Arcade Fight off screen after screen of DEADLY TACOS. Link
2016 Johnny 666 Platformer Join Johnny on his last adventure to traverse the land of KUBUS and find the his lost spirit. Link
2013 Bouncy: Golden Treasure Platformer Help Bouncy find the lost treasure through 20+ unique levels! Originally made for the Devbookátor 2013 competition, ended up second place. Programming by kl-vb. Some concept art Link
2009 UNNORMAL SCHOOL DAY 2 Text adventure Thats right, there is a second one. Survive another school day, engage in deep conversations, get the grade A masterA. scr1 scr2 scr3 Link (SK)
Link (EN)
2009 UNNORMAL SCHOOL DAY Text adventure Unnormal school day is a legendary text game that i made when i was 11 and used to show to people around my school after I discovered the magic of powerpoint. Survive a day in the insanity of school, avoid the evil teachers, be a good grade. scr1 scr2 scr3 Link (SK)
Link (EN)