Campaign: Change "That" in the English Vocabulary into "Dat"

In my years on the internet, I have learned that the one thing that tickles everyone's fickle is PROGRESS. Doesn't matter to good or bad or if we end up in the same place where we fucking started, we need to continue producing and digesting more content, entertainment, and regulations, bitch. Therefore, I hereby propose that we completely omit using the word "that" in the english language and replace it with "dat". C'mon, it's 2020, we're all fucking retarded now. Talk about not reading books, people can't type to save their life. The other day, I was talking to this asian dude and I think he was trying to order a pizza from me? I didn't have any, so I blocked him.

We also need to change "there" into "dere" and so on. I believe we can do this together if we really believe in our cause and all act mentally deficient, we can truly achieve something and have an IMPACT on bettering the world (or accelerating its inevitable collapse).

Anyway, this shit will just make comment sections even more hilarious. We need also need to return back to villages (keeping our guns of course) and simplify lifestyles so that can have robotically cooked BURGERS.

As my followup project, I will campaign to replace all discussion in the world with talk about life problems, politics, relationships and work stress.