Where is the rambo ball?

Today, I typed the word "rambo is ball" into the internet search and I was in shock. THere was not a single, not even one picture of the famous movie character John James Rambo and a ball, be it sports or testicular. What is the world coming to?

I have always believed that the internet should be a source of random bullshit. No matter what you are into, there ought to be someone else who shares your feelings, who shares that feeling of being lost, like that old forum user who got the same game bug and then someone dm'd him, the motherfucker. I feel that I am not alone in feeling lost in a world where there is no rambo ball in the world. So I made the image. Here it is.

Share it with your friends. Put it on your shirt. Print it on money, call it RamboUltraBall CryptoOptimalCoinCash - RUBCOCC. I will shake your hand and call you my brother. Then I will scam you.

Please make me famous just for this picture.