Top 5 Drugs Dealers in Movies

Dealers in comedy movies are cool. Not a single person who has ever made movies knows what a big-time drug and it is fantastic. Here are the best.

5. heisenberd

Mr. purple making the honorary number five slot, I had to put him in is beacuse i had to. i dont even like the show, i couldnt think of another number 5. i say bitch haha

4. Those two black guys from Scary movie and the two black guys from How high

I put these guys in the honorable number four spot because they look exactly the same because they're black.

3. John Cena

i dont know what this fucking movie is, ive never seen a movie. but yeh, John Cena deals drugs in this moviem,.. the best drug dealer on the block. he is unnamed in the movie so this is how i assume he carries in real life. he also looks like he is carrying a disease.

Up to a point, he is just a cool drug dealer, but then something happened, and I had to put him at the number 2 slot.

FLINSTONE GUMMY BEARS. let me tell you a thing or two. these things will fuck you UP. barely one wil ltake you down. i bet this motherfucker has an array of five.. The sun also eclipses whenever he walks into the shot as the world is covered in darkness.

2. psycho ed

high school (2010) - this is a kind of nice stoner movie about two friends trying to get a school high while stealing weed from this insane maniac bastard. look at this schizo bastard, you thin kthis guy smokes normal shit? guy has never smoked weed, they dont say it in the movie but im sure he has his special schizo strain because he spends most of the movie psyching out on the couch watching evil dead 2.

For the purpose of keeping the movie PG-13, they never tell you what exactly Psycho Ed sells or grows, but we all know the truth, he sells EVERYTHING.

If John Cena made me jump in with Flinstone gummy bears, Psycho Ed about to bring up a whole stash of Mickey Mouse tic tacs. he gets extreme points for business. He is also a man to his community so as i mentioned he hooks his two friends who are even more schizo up with some good shit to watch while he gets stoned AND he is very up with traditional values and tells one of our protagonists to never buy anything online (wise).

1. me

everybody knows im the best dealer around. you ask for the gumym bears, you get the gummy bears. you ask for the cockrane, you get the cockrane. you ask for weed, you get shit because i already smoked it all. i realised there is no movie with me as a dealer in it so i made one, enjoy.

just look at me. i am wearing sunglasses ( so you know i am a cool dealer) and im smoking tobacco (because i need to clear my head during business - wise,; but im using a pipe with weed drawings on it to symbolize rebellious nature. i also try to scam the guy, so you know i am smart. and then, when he pays me two cents for giving him literal grass, i dont freak out, but thank him like a gentleman. and the ending is very cinematic.