Welcome to Lands of Games!

My name is speedos but I go by many names such as Angrycheese, Packan or THE KING OF QUALITY in the internet circles. This is my website dedicated to the stuff I make, including video games, art, music, stories and WISDOM. Look around and see for yerself.

8 Aug 2019: I have been absent for quite some time. I had the bad SPIRITS going after me. But it is over now. Even if I break all the bones in the brain, I will make more GAMES. Or at least the website wont be completely dead. Time to add new stuff right now!!
I also removed RSS because it sucks.

28 Apr 2019: I set up an RSS if youre into that kinda thing. Hell yea!!

20 Apr 2019: Released a new piece for The Noise Conundrum - 020 - Not Long Ago, Near a Small Hut