This is a collection of writings I made after several incidents where the gods have appeared to me and told me of how the world works. I believe everything written here as absolutely true. Before then, I was not a religious person. I did not see a religion as necessary, but without it, all things in the world become relativity and chaos. I will detail all the teachings I recieved over time.

Never follow these rules fully, for even gods message gets muddled when transferred onto a human. There is a chance these laws are not fully accurate, it must be understood that thinking outside their boundaries is encouraged.


1 At first, there was nothing. Then, a voice spoke 'How quiet'. And thus, the universe was set.

2 Two gods stood. The first, with both of his hands - that of the positive and negative - striked, and the world was filled with water. Thus, blessed be all water, for it is a holy substance that brings life.

3 Balance was brought. Plants and rock filled the surface.

4 But the first couldn't do alone. The second saw this and set waves of motion to this balance. Animals came to be.

5 It was to the second's liking that the created should fight. And so he teached the world struggle and honor, wishing to wage eternal war.

6 But for the second one, nothing is eternal. Together with the first, they worked to create the greatest being of all - the human.

7 In the last moment of creation, a third one appeared. The one who until then hid in speckles of dust.

8 The third one gifted human with a soul.

9 The first and second came to man and said: "Live your life as if you were to die any moment. Ponder your immediate death."

10 Man was left puzzled by this advice and wondered the earth.

11 As he wondered, he came across the third. The third said: If you know my name, but do not follow my teachings, you will be lost. Follow my path and you will see life.

12 The man followed him, and, within his core, he was the world for what it was - and he said that it was beautiful.

13 The man found a pond blessed by the gods. He drank from it, and spawned two sons.

14 But the pond was guarded by a vile beast. The beast fought the man, and he died.


1 There were two brothers, one blessed by the first and one by the second. They were meant by the first to live in peace, but the second brother became envious.

2 One day, the third wished to appear to the first brother, and told him of himself, but the first brother could not understand.

3 The second brother was hiding and watched the third god appear, and he alike couldn't understand, except for a the words "If you want to kill an idea or dream, pick it to its core.". The third brother then knew how to spread his ideas as he wanted and he used the first brother for his own good.

4 The two greatest sins were born - the lie and the slavery. After the first brother was led, he was killed at night by the second brother.

5 The first god was furious, and he appeared to the second brother. The brother went mad.

6 he dispersed ideas of kindness unto people. From that day, kindness is honored by some.


1 There was a prophet who seeked to unify the gods. He prayed and studied, but it beared no results.

2 He threw away his teachings, giving up. He learned to live without understanding. The gods appeared.

3 They told him that they would come to peace, if he teached the world of their ways, and they revealed their ways to him.

4 The prophet walked the earth to deliver the teachings of the gods, but no one listened.

5 In desperation, he created writing.

6 The man passed, but became one of the apostles and a spirit himself.

7 This day, he wishes for the world to come to unity with the three.

The Whale Killer

1 There was a village near sea. A large whale was coming to devour it.

2 The villagers panicked and prayed and did their mantras, the gods favored the whale.

3 Out of the crowd arose someone, and fought the whale.

4 The whale and the fighter perished. Noone knew who it was.

5 They built a statue of the average man.

6 They treated each other with kindness, for another whale killer could be hiding among them.

Teachings of the First

1 I am the unavoidable life.

2 Material that is soft and runs through is of my liking.

3 Humor and art should be derived from the good and positive... things others can associate with, instead of mockery and associating humor with the negative aspects of life. It is a poison.

4 If humans remember their history, they are lost in reactions.

5 Things differ with perspective, but my truth is unquestionable and clear. When you leave the other two gods, you will see it fully.

Teachings of the Second

1 I am the pain and the end.

2 Material that cannot be broken is of my liking.

3 Follow my path and you will achieve something. Achievement is key, following the feeling for its own sake will lead you out to nothing.

4 It is human to strive and to try, and it is the mark of the slave to accept meekly. It is better to die standing than to live kneeling. Slave ownership is the greatest sin.

5 Once the world attains perfection, I will leave.

6 All animals follow me, and through me they see the third god.

Teachings of the Third

1 I provide joys that cannot be explained, I give meaning to life. I am the other, the origin.

2 I see no material.

3 Think and the thoughts will manifest themselves into art, and you will wish to share it with the world.

4 Experimentation is necessary for greatness.

5 Dreams are blessed. Preserve this ability, do not limit your mind or subject it to limiting things.

6 Remembering is useless. Always bring something new and make it stand on its own.

7 You can speak to me. Relax yourself and adjust with the universe's flow. Beware of grasping it, it is fragile.

8 Anything can be turned to greatness, even nothingness. But do not praise nothingness.

9 Do not forget me, or the world will be reduced to plant and rock.

10 Always wish your fullest.