The deck is mixed and split into equal part for each player. Each player picks 3 cards from their deck. You all agree on who plays first. The goal of the game is to get the most points.

The person can choose to discard a card or place a card on the table. If you place a card, the others go into your discard pile. If you discard, you get two points. The cards stay on the table until their conditions are fulfilled - some should be done immediately and some take time, it is obvious which is which. The cards also allow you to pick other cards from the table and from the discard pile.

Once one of the players has run out of cards, the game ends. All the cards on the table are kept there, they no longer do anything. Each person's discard pile is counted, each card in it grants its owner 1 extra point. The player with the most points wins.

You can make your own cards using the template, or just draw them on a piece of paper.:


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