I also have 100+ freeware games on the other half of site.

Year Title Genre Description Version Language Screenshot Download
2024 SIT ON THE FLOOR, MOM IS NOT HOME ??? fill your heart's desires, no parental guidance!! 1.0 HTML+CSS In-browser | Download Zip
2024 The Riddle Maze of Master Ruckus Puzzle Enter the maze of magical RUCKUS and solve many puzzles. Still in development. 0.4 HTML+CSS In-browser | Download Zip
2020 The Grand Master Totem ??? You have sinned. Ask the grand totem of what your punishment is. 1.1 HTML+JS Link
2017 Fortune from the Magic Bush ??? The magic bush knows it all and he knows your fortune. He shall tell you. 1.1 HTML+JS Link
2016/2024 Unnormal School Day 2 (Text Edition) Text Adventure A demake of the second Unnormal School Game. Started in 2016, unfinished at the time, I got back at it in 2024, now finished. 1.0 C Exe | Source
2016 Unnormal School Day (Text Edition) Text Adventure A demake of my first ever game, only text and ASCII, minimalist, written in C. Licensed as CC0, do whatever you want. Compiled using TCC, might break on other compilers. Warning: My programming is bad and you will get diarrhea. 1.2 C Exe | Source