Year Title Genre Description Version Language Screenshot Download
2024 SIT ON THE FLOOR, MOM IS NOT HOME Joke fill your heart's desires, no parental guidance!! 1.0 HTML+CSS In-browser | Download Zip
2024 The Riddle Maze of Master Ruckus Puzzle Enter the maze of magical RUCKUS and solve many puzzles. Still in development. 0.4 HTML+CSS In-browser | Download Zip
2020 The Grand Master Totem Joke You have sinned. Ask the grand totem of what your punishment is. 1.1 HTML+JS Link
2017 Fortune from the Magic Bush Joke The magic bush knows it all and he knows your fortune. He shall tell you. 1.1 HTML+JS Link
2016/2024 Unnormal School Day 2 (Text Edition) Text Adventure A demake of the second Unnormal School Game. Started in 2016, unfinished at the time, I got back at it in 2024, now finished. 1.0 C Exe | Source
2016 Unnormal School Day (Text Edition) Text Adventure A demake of my first ever game, only text and ASCII, minimalist, written in C. Licensed as CC0, do whatever you want. Compiled using TCC, might break on other compilers. Warning: My programming is bad and you will get diarrhea. 1.2 C Exe | Source