Here, you can find out some information about me and this website.

About me


I am a 21 year old dude from Slovakia whose primary hobbies consist of creating different arts, video games and generally weird and unique things in the world.

cartoons, video games, dreams, trippy/experimental/otherworldly art, soup, tea and other substances, trains, fairy tales, browsing, wizards and magic, pirates, hentai.

generic art, overcomplicated and boring things, current education system

Fun facts about me:


Email: juraj.kusenda@gmail.com
Riot: @angrycheese-speedos:matrix.org

About this website

This website was first started in 2016 as an attempt to continue my attempts at creating the best games. It went through several redesigns, originally having a very simple look and making use of basic HTML 4, then going through many changes until finally landing in this current, stable form. It currently uses the newest version of HTML5 and does not require javascript or high-end browser to run, yet is still easy to navigate.