Questions and answers!
Q:Oh great Juraj "Master Plaster" Kusenda, what way can I contact you?
A:You send me an email to and you get a guaranteed reply within 300 years.
Q:This stuff is pretty cool, can I use it for my [insert somethin cool to use my things for]
A:Its cool when you use it and even cooler when you credit me! But you gotta negotiate with me first if youre making money off of it.
Q:Why does your stuff suck?
A:My stuff requires divine intellect.
Q:I looked at your site and also looked at the site of the great Kimberly Kubus and now 2+2 you copied him didnt you?
A:The kubus and I are very similar indeed and share some knowledge but his and my world are very different and the reason we were sent to this world also.
Q:Where do you get these ideas?
A:They come to me in all forms. Sometimes the ones from my home world speak to me.
Q:Why do you put your face on everything?
A:Cause Im Juraj "My Look Is The Coolest" Kusenda.
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