Lands of Games Records (Extra Crispy with Butter Sauce, Fructose-Free)

Simple and experimental musics I make in my free time. Enjoy!

Hail the Garbage (2018)

Hail the Garbage is Juraj Kusenda's (my) first non-noise album. It cointains only the highest quality tones for your eardrums that will make them bleed, cry and weep with joy.
1. Hail the Garbage
2. I'm Secretly a Rat
3. Piano Mix
4. Under the Dark Spell of Mount Gibberish
5. All Aboard the Sinking Chips
6. Battle Formation
7. Swamp Ritueal, Pt. 1
8. Swamp Ritueal, Pt. 2
9. Pharaoh's Cat's Funeral
10. Purple Mayhem
11. Music for Flowers
12. Chameleon Cereal
13. Cool Melody

Full Album (OGG File Format)

Extreme Game Tunes (2018)

Extreme Game Tunes is a secondary album from the workings of the Lands of Games records studio. It contains 30+ tracks from various games and some remix and bonuses also. Tracks:
1. Cake- Themes of the Wild Cake
2. Cuddles- Bear Chasing Love
3. Daddy- The Ruse Man
4. Deerkeeper- Christmas
5. Digestion Adventure (Unfinished LoG game)- Nose
6. Digestion Adventure (Unfinished LoG game)- Lungs
7. Digestion Adventure (Unfinished LoG game)- Stomach
8. Digestion Adventure (Unfinished LoG game)- ShitCanal
9. Dog vs Spider- Spooky Theme
10. Face Picker Theme
11. Frozen Pizza
12. Johnny 666- Collided with da Systm
13. Johnny 666- Musikkkkkkkkkkkkk
14. Johnny 666- Temple of Kubus
15. Johnny 666- Papa
16. Las Moustachos Theme
17. Peanut Butter- Nooo Remix
18. RBF 1- Emptiness
19. RBF 1- Crossplace
20. RBF 1- Gusto Swamp
21. RBF 1- Red Sand Lands
22. RBF 1- Wish Place
23. RBF 2- Magic Mojo
24. RBF 2- Red Sand Lands
25. RBF 2- Gusto Swamp
26. RBF 2- Lunapark of Disasters
27. RBF 2- Caves of Munguu
28. RBF 2- BONUS- Cup Theme
29. RBF 2.5- Hall of Mirrors
30. RBF 2.5- Tornadoland
31. Shower Genius- Pure Logic
32. Shower Genius- l0ser
33. Stinky Dinky- Stinky Theme
34. Stinky Dinky- Bonus Theme

Full Album (OGG File Format)

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