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Revenge of the Sunfish A website of the one and only Jinxtengu, creator of amazing games, ideas and THE SUNFISH FORUM!
Most Notable Games: Revenge of the Sunfish, Pasta Master, Danger Sprout
Dany Burton A website of one of the best people I know, Dany Burton. His website is home to strangeness, experiments and it is easy to get lost in the strange world of his. I got classified information that hell get up to work on more stuff soon. Stay tuned.
Most Notable Games: Vobangora Gorad Dortsars, Boating for Jesus, Salt Bug
Bull of Heaven A band that tries to connect you to the insane void that the universe is through the strangest music.
Most Notable Albums: 056: Return of the Ghost Sheriff (Werewolves are Chasing Me); 138: You Feel a Stillness Around you, Caressing Your Face; 299: Self-Traitor, I Do Bring the Spider Love
Lands of Dream Another great world from the different realms. This one contains beautiful tales and things that will bring you the nicest feelings of child-like wonder. Be careful when you go there, you might not want to leave!
Mausland Entertainment Mausland is home to some of the most interesting and creative flash games from 2002-2011 era internet, when flash games rocked the boats. All created by the one amazing Wiesi!
Most Notable Games: Frank's Adventure Series, Castle Cat Series, Catch a Crab 2, Indian Outlaw
SHITWANK RECORDS A breakcore/noise project from Australia. Get your blood pumpin with this terrible shit!
Most Notable Creators: Passenger of Shit, Virya Dadura Vamana, hitlerbuttsecks
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