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Name and Year of Release Screenshot Description Download
Billy vs Mexico (2016) A great action game to test your reflexes and wits.
Story inspired by Kimberly Kubus.
Cake (2016) Make sure you feed monster the cake!!! Download
Cigarette vs. Popolník (2017) A two-player game. Pick the cigarette or popolník and duke it out in the ultimate battle! Download
Cuddles (2016) A wonderful minigame featuring the unloved zombie bear. Be quick on your toes as you try to get all the points possible. Muhehehe!!! Download
Daddy (2017) A simple collect game, avoid enemies and get all the cookies. Download
Deer Keeper (2017) Keep the deer from runnin away from the kING of christmas. Download
Dog vs. Spider (2017) A fighting game for two people. Will you wish to play as the scary spider or skeleton dog? It is up to you!!! Download
Dongers (2017) The ultimate Dreamworld DJ Mixing Simulator!
Created with the help of the incredible INFERNALBEAST aka ASTEROID2000.
Dongers MINI- Harmonium (2018) Another magical Dreamworld instrument- this time it's a special piano! Download
Face Picker (2017) Play with this interactive face! Download
Fortune from the Magic Bush (2017) Ask the magic bush your fortune or be DOOMED!!! Open Webpage
Frozen Pizza (2017) A simple dentist game, pull out the bad teeth. Download
Fuck This Old Man(2017) Fuck that guy! Based on a true story. Download
Gravebuddy Lars (2017) Help gravebuddy lars survive and make your way through the midnight!!! Download
Hit Em All (2016) A hypercharged arcade shooting game.
Music by Nero's Day at Disneyland- Action Winter Journey.
Johnny 666 (2017) A tribute to the one greatest Kimberly Kubus, control Johnny as he tries to find himself back home in the kubus universe. Download
kool (2017) Download
kool 2 (2017) Click the button for cute kittens! Download
Peanut Butter (2016) A cool mouse game with a dopeass intro. Download
Rob's Boss Fights (2016) A bossrush game, get the greatest score of all. Download
Rob's Boss Fights 2 (2017) The sequel to Rob's Boss Fights, promising to bring more cool bosses, enemies and worlds to fight in! Download
Rob's Boss Fights 2.5 (2017) An appetizer for Rob's Boss Fight 3, contains a little bit of fun to get your veins ready for all the COOL stuff Lands of Games will release one day. Download
Scaryman (2017) Find the way out of a nightmare and escape the scaryman. Download
Shower Genius(2016) A little minigame collection. You are in a shower and think of stuff. Enjoy! Download
Stinky Dinky(2017) Help stinky dinky collect the stinky! Download