So here is me. Im a 20 year old dude from Slovakia and this is my website of joy. I always liked drawings stuff, and cartoons and all that good shit, I think I had some kind of divine understanding of the world when I was a kid, I would get amazing ideas all the time. It all began a loooong time ago around the age of 10 when I wanted to have a website real bad so my brother helped me out to make one using wordpress. I filled it with comics, drawings and games that I made using the only tool I knew at the time- Powerpoint. This continued for a year or so until I gave out and took a break. A few years later (2013), I began a blog based upon my comic character Angrycheese. I also uploaded other stuff like cool wallpapers and game maker based games there, which I made with an old partner "klvb". He would do the programming side of things and I would do the graphics. One of our games ever won a prize in the devbookátor 2013 contest (2nd place- I got a t-shirt!!!) It was actually pretty popular and I would get some lovely comments but, again, it fell short, mainly because I had too much school to bother (who knows, I may bring that dude back from retirement). A few years later, I became a fan of the great KIMBERLY KUBUS. I adored his passion for game-making and he turned me back on the right track. One day when I was going home from college, I suddenly got an urge just to create a game in as short a time as possible and that day, BILLY VS MEXICO was born. I decided to return to games and just like that, LANDS of GAMES began. Now Im just trying to not be a lazy ass and actually make things. I currently mostly focus on making game maker games and music.

Life goals: Replace every internet discussion with pornhub comments; replace every character in the world with the TF2 and Scooby Doo cast (all wearing sunglasses ofc)

Likes: Flash cartoons and games, dreams, trippy movies and music, otherworldly art, kimberly kubus, soup, trains, fairy tales, torrenting, browsing, wizards and magic, pirates, elixirs, hentai

Dislikes: Art thats like any other kind of art, programming, overcomplicated and boring things, books, school