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18/3/18- I have fixed up the Art page so that the images do not appear all at once.

14/3/18- After two years of on and off development, Lands of Games is proud to present the new album- Hail the Garbage. Contains 13 songs and is of circa 28 minutes in length. I hope you enjoy! In other news, I currently have around 6 games in development and when I finish them, I hope to take a break from the website and creations and focus on something else. But who knows what will happen??

3/3/18- Whoops, no updates in a while! Here is a little game I cooked up a while ago, featuring the music from the great JINXTENGU- Honor: A Battle for Honor!

5/1/18- Hey there bugs! Startin the new year stronk with a new amazing game- DONGERS MINI- HARMONIUM. This was actually developed for a Sekret Santa game jam on glorioustrainwrecks. Check it out!

31/12/17- Happy new years everybody! I wanna thank everyone who visited mah website and BLAH BLAH BLAH. Hopefully this year will be even better, with games the magnitude of which youve never seen before coming left and right!

24/12/17- HOE HOE HOE! MERRY XMAS!!! I added some thins on the STUFF page and added a new game- DEER KEEPER. And dont worry, i got some good shit prepared for next year.... stay tuned.

3/12/17- I updated the website with a bit of a resedign- The GAMES and LINKS page got a major update!

28/11/17- A new game is here- Face Picker. Its really tiny so have fun!

16/11/17- Uploaded another two player game- Cigarette vs Popolník! hell yea

13/11/17- KUBUS DAY BROTHERS! Uploaded a new game in celebration- STINKY DINKY!